Which character in either 999 or Virtue’s Last Reward do you most identify with and why (without giving any spoilers)?

     It’s hard to give you a name without giving spoilers. If you can allow me to give spoilers, then I can definitely tell you who I identify with… Ha ha ha.
     Anyway, I don’t think that’s going to fly so without spoilers I can identify with Sigma’s unfortunate circumstances and Tenmyouji’s earnest love.
     Also, this isn’t directly identifying but Phi’s coolness, Luna’s pureness and honesty, Dio’s slyness, K’s calmness, Clover’s contrarian attitude, and Quark’s innocence and playfulness are all components that I have, so of course I can identify a little bit with all of them. The only thing that I don’t have is Alice’s breasts. Although I can’t identify with her breasts, I do like them.