In 999, players had to solve puzzles based on music theory and code-matching, among others. What should players expect in Virtue’s Last Reward?

     In VLR we have various puzzles. There’s a slide puzzle, a code puzzle, a logic puzzle, a math puzzle, a panel puzzle, a line puzzle, a scale puzzle, a dice puzzle, an hourglass puzzle, a clock puzzle, a cocktail puzzle, a billiard puzzle, a dart puzzle, a jukebox puzzle, a DNA puzzle, a pH puzzle, a jellyfish puzzle, a Zero III doll puzzle, a slightly perverted puzzle, and several others.

     That is just a small portion of what’s inside. There are a lot more than just that. Escaping the escape part in and of itself is a big puzzle, and there are 16 of those. For those who like puzzle games, it’s a game you’ll drool over, guaranteed.

     So what about people who don’t like those types of games? Well don’t worry! You can switch the difficulty level to “easy” and the characters with you will give you super helpful hints to solve the puzzles. In addition, the escape part of VLR has a lot of fun tricks. They’re pretty clever, so you can play until the end without getting bored. You have a lot to look forward to!