Is there a scene in Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward that really sticks out in your mind? If so, why?

     Major spoiler alert. (Highlight to view)

     There’s a few for me.
     There is a scene where K opens up and gives us a little about his past. During that scene, there is a screenshot of K as a baby with a little stuffed animal. His lonely past just makes me want to give him a big hug and shower him with love. But at the same time I found myself laughing because he had that mask on since he was a child.It makes you think, is it like this because his looks aren’t revealed, or has he always been like this?

     Then there’s the overall “interaction.” I’m referring to the interaction between a person and a hologram. Akane spoke without Tenmyouji there. But yet they’re on the same page! The fact that she can pretty much imagine what he would say, to me shows how much she’s thought of him along the line. I mean her feelings for him are what saved her in the first place back in 999. And even during that ending, she didn’t stay behind because she had a bigger plan in motion. Can you imagine how she felt when she asked him to “wait for her”?
And the actress for both Japanese and English were spot on! How can you not shed a tear on that scene?

     And when her hologram disappears, I felt like Tenmyouji looked a little bit older and run down than he already was. She was right in front of her…but yet so far away.I really hope for a happy ending for them. I really do.