Were there some jokes that were totally lost in translation? Do you think we did a good job of creating new jokes in their place?

     There were quite a few of them actually. Many of the jokes are usually play on words in Japanese where one word sounds like another with a totally different meaning.

     There was one that was “recurring” which was the one where Phi says, “I am no man.” That one was particularly “hard” because she sometimes says it at such crucial moments. Like when Dio asked her who/what was she and she says, “I am no man.” The original version in Japanese was where Sigma or whoever asks Phi, “Omae wa nanimonoda” (Who are you?) It’s quite a common phrase in Japanese. It asks you who you are but it also has the connotation of asking “who do you think you are” or also like “what kind of person are you.” She ties it into various “-mono” jokes. And finally says “I’m nama-mono” which means “I’m a raw person.” Which can be taken as raw person, or, if you read the kanji, it also means “I am a living person/human.” Because of those ties, we had to change the various “-mono” jokes to “-man,” and Ben, our editor, was genius enough to give that humor of her not being a “man” but a “woman.”