Is there anything you would do differently if you were able to jump back in time and work on Virtue’s Last Reward again?

     I love it when people ask this question of any person who has worked on or created some piece of art or art-like content, because the answer—no matter how great the product—is always “yes.” God yes. Of course. So many things.
     Most of the things I would do revolve around getting or taking more time for just about every aspect of production that I was involved in. There are a few specific, individual items that I would have liked to make better (Phi’s “I am no man” joke still feels forced to me, and the J version of it is much cleverer). The unfortunate reality of localization schedules and my own plodding pace is that every game, including this one, must be done in essentially a single draft. That means I’m sometimes forced to settle for jokes or solutions to problems that aren’t as good as I would like because the show must go on and we need to get it out the door. My biggest regret is that while I felt like I was able to get a pretty good handle on the personality of some of the characters, there were some that I was never able to get into a groove for. Unfortunately their portrayals suffered for it, and I feel bad about that.