Q12: What is Dio really like? A lot of his behavior and what he says seems to contradict each other, so it’s hard to tell what his real personality is.
     For example, in the Dio end, before escaping, he rants about throwing away the weak being “how nature works”, but when confronted on the lunar surface, he preaches about cleansing mankind’s greed and creating a world with no conflict. He claims that he finds individuality “weird”, but seems strikingly individualistic himself, being the “best of his generation” and dressing according to his “singular sense of style”.
     He also refers to the Radical-6 outbreak as a “disaster”, which seems strange if it was part of Free the Soul’s agenda. He acts pretty oddly about the bombs as well. He threatens to press the bomb detonator, saying that he doesn’t fear death, but even when Tenmyouji goads him, he never actually presses it. He then attempts to kill himself with a poison pill with no hesitation, but reveals the password to one of the bombs, which seems to defeat the purpose of taking the pill in the first place.
     Why would he do that? His strange behavior seems to suggest that he’s not out to kill. Is there conflict between Dio’s own values and what Free the Soul wants him to do?

     Free the Soul eliminated the weak and only the fittest (the chosen ones) survived. They tried to create a world without conflict where only the chosen ones resided, and succeeded.
     The reason why he takes pride in being the top of his generation may seem a bit contradictory, but in that scene, the contradictions surfaced unexpectedly. In other words, contrary to his thoughts and beliefs, his true colors surfaced. Haven’t you ever met a clergy or a religious person whose action does not reflect what they preach? In regards to his fashion, all his brothers are all dressed the same, so it wouldn’t be unique, right? (Well, it was partially a joke, but…)
     While the events of Radical-6 is indeed the plan of an organization, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a “disaster”. I believe there are references like “a disaster will come your way” in the bible too, right? It’s the same concept.
     As for the detonator, I assume Dio was just about to press the button. The reason why Dio revealed the password after taking the poison is because him telling them just one password won’t do them any good. Knowing his personality, he just wanted to tease the others.