Q27: On the K route, K retrieves Dio’s bracelet from the Treatment Center and shows Sigma and Phi that it is broken.
     K says that Dio’s killer likely broke it in order to kill Phi and K with the penalty, but Dio was killed by K himself. What exactly happened?

     That’s a good question.
     The person who broke the bracelet was K, also known as Kyle.
     Kyle wanted to test his father, Doctor Klim’s, love and created a situation where there are two choices.
     Of course he did it with the possibility in mind that Sigma would find the antidote and return…
     And he put Sigma to the test and wanted to see whether his father would save him or Phi.
     Technically the consciousness would be young Sigma, so there would be no way that he would know the relationship between Doctor Klim and Kyle. But even then, he couldn’t help but to test his father’s love…