Q31: Can you tell us more about Dio?
     He’s portrayed as a bad guy, but there’s something sad about him too.
     What kind of person is he when he doesn’t have a sacred mission to complete? Did he really save a stray kitten?

     It’s hard to say since his reason of being is his sacred mission, but had he been raised in a warm family environment when he was born, he might have turned out as an honest and kind young lad.
     Since him saving the cat isn’t mentioned in the main game, I’ll leave that to your imagination. However whether he saved a cat or not, I don’t think it has any relation to his morals.
     For example, a murderer can have a pet rat, which wouldn’t be unnatural, right?
     On the contrary, there are people who will experiment on a rat and kill hundreds of them to develop new and improved medication in order to save human lives. I think it’s a hard call.