Q49: Which character was responsible for the hidden message in the bomb codes? (or was it just a message from the developers that isn’t ascribed to any of the characters from the game)

     The actual bomb was made by the arms division of Hephaestus Systems. And those bombs were being passed around in the black market and ended up in the hands of the MYRMIDONS.
     The person that set the timer and cancelling functionality on the bomb’s detonator was an engineer heavily tied to the MYRMIDONS. (This engineer would do maintenance on illegal machinery and customize them as a profession. He’s an underground mechanic).
     Now by adding the cancellation functionality on the bomb the engineer asked “What do you want the password to be?”. It was Dio who responded.
     Dio used the alphabet related to the organization and moved it over by one letter and told the engineer. And that’s how the passwords were set for the 4 bombs and handed over to Dio.
     Thus Dio headed for Rhizome 9… When he went into the facility and tried to kill Akane in warehouse A, he was attacked by Phi and lost consciousness.
     After that (when Sigma and Phi’s consciousnesses went back to the future) Akane took bomb 01 of the bombs that Dio snuck in and changed the password.
     That password would be “BQZ・RGJ・DXR”. If you move them over by one it will be the name of Akane’s organization.