Q56: In the Zero Escape universe, how long has Free the Soul been around?
     In question 44 from your previous Q&A centered around 999, you said that the robes worn by Snake were from Lord Gordain, who “conducted strange ceremonies in the incinerator” (along with friends) on the Gigantic/Britannic, which leads me to believe that Lord Gordain was also part of Free the Soul.
     But according to Seven, while talking behind Door [7] in 999, Lord Gordain died in the 1930s (1931/1932, I believe). If these two statements are correct, then Free the Soul existed at least by the 1930s, if not earlier.
     So when was Free the Soul established? And how did Brother manage to keep his brother’s DNA intact/uncorrupted until the technology to clone (Dio/Left, 4th generation Myrmidon leader) him became available?
     Also, when was human cloning invented in the VLR timeline, and when was the first generation of Left clones gestated?

This will be revealed in the 3rd game. I hope you guys look forward to it!