Q70: So just what is the SOIS? Is it similar to the NSA or FBI? Or is it some kind of paramilitary type group?
     What exactly are Alice’s and Clover’s roles in this organization? What kind of work do they do that required their choices in clothing?

     It’s a governmental top secret organization with everything shrouded in mysteries and secrets.
     Alice and Clover’s role would be comprehensive investigation on criminal and terrorist organizations.
     As for their outfits, can you even imagine or believe that they would be top secret agents based on what they wear?
     Even if they say, “Hey, I work for a secret organization” people will just laugh them off. That is what the organization was hoping for.
     There are rumors that some of the members of the organization would dress up like Elvis or Lady Gaga, and even some agents dressed up like Captain America.
     The very few people that know of the organization are said to be teasing them by calling them “State Of InsanitieS”, or that’s what I hear.