Q79: In the Dio end, Dio says that he’s going to take Sigma and Phi to a shelter where some people who survived the disaster are living. What kind of place was this?
     The facility’s on the Moon, so it can’t be just an ordinary shelter. Is it another Rhizome?
     Also, who are the people inhabiting the shelter and how is Dio acquainted with them? If they’re survivors from the Radical-6 outbreak and reactor explosions, it seems strange for them to be on friendly terms with someone from Free the Soul.

     The three of them headed towards Rhizome x. (The x, as in having a number associated to it.)
     It’s a lot bigger than Rhizome 9 and there is a very comfortable living environment. By the way, each Rhizome is actually connected with an underground road. However, Rhizome 9 was abandoned, so the road to the other Rhizomes was closed off.
     In Rhizome x there are various people from various nationalities living there. The kinds of people include millionaires who paid large sums of money after the April 2029 tragedy, government researchers and officials, chosen children, etc.
     However, 45 years have passed since and most of those people have returned to Earth. The people that remain currently are eccentric people who enjoy living on the Moon, researchers, scientists, laborers who are mining the Moon’s rare minerals, and those who lived so long on the Moon that they couldn’t adjust to Earth’s gravity.
     It has nothing to do with Dio really. He knows a few people here and there. And even to those that know him, he hasn’t revealed that he is a believer of Free the Soul.
     And besides, only a handful of people know that the tragedy 45 years ago was Free the Soul’s doing.