Q92: Is there more to what happened to Alice’s father than what we’re told?
     They hold him for over ten years, then just brutally murder him? Was that really just to scare Alice?
     And what about the other scientists who were mentioned having been abducted? And how did Brother make all of them do what he wanted?

Everything written about Alice is all there is to her story.

     In this world there are heartless people, as well as cruel, inhumane organizations that go beyond our imagination.
     I mean just the other day there were atrocities in Algeria. The problem is that the terrorist group who kidnapped the hostages, and the Algerian troops who bombed the terrorists and hostages, were all working in the name of justice.
     I’m sure neither party felt that what they were doing was cruel. The same is the case for Brother. And again, the same goes for Akane.
     They are just doing what they think is the right thing to do. So what does that leave us? Are the things we do on a daily basis really the correct course of action?
     It’s a very difficult concept. All we can do is pray that such tragedies will never happen again.