And finally…
     For everyone who took the time to play 999 and VLR, thank you so very much.
     And I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the questions you’ve thrown my way.
     This time I have answered in the form of a Q&A. However, what I’ve written here is an answer, but at the same time it isn’t.
     A piece of work, whether it be a movie or a novel or a game, what is written and disclosed is all there is to it.
     My cherished theory is, “Once a piece of work leaves the hands of a writer, it becomes the readers’ work, who is the receiver.”
     So just because the writer says something as supplemental information, I do not want you guys to think that is the right way to interpret it.
     What I have written in the game is all there is to it. So anything other than that I leave to the imagination of the reader.
     I encourage all of you to let your imagination run free and add to the areas that have not been written yet.
     And the answer that is born in your mind is the true answer.

     -Kotaro Uchikoshi